Offroad Challenge Kenya

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About Offroad Challenge Kenya

The Offroad Challenge Kenya is an offroad event held in different locations across Kenya. The Challenges are an exciting spectacle that capture the competitive spirit of offroad motor sport enthusiasts and supporters.​

We plan to organise the inaugural Offroad Challenge Kenya quarterly. Each event will be held on private land in a localised area in Kenya.

​The Offroad Challenge Kenya brings together all off road vehicles – 4x4s, Buggies, Quads, Bikes plus special vehicles in the open class category e.g. Pickups.​

The different categories at the Offroad Challenge Kenya are;

  • 4×4 Expert and Intermediate
  • Buggies Expert and Intermediate
  • Quads Expert and Intermediate
  • Bikes Expert and Intermediate
  • Open Category E.g. Pickups​

So what else goes on at Offroad Challenge Kenya?

  • Music
  • Bar
  • Food Vendors
  • Camping
  • Bonfire
  • Koroga
  • Blinged Up @The Hot Spot

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